844145 Finite elements I

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Finite elements I
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Upon successful completion of the course (VL+UE) students will be able to
use a commercial finite element software for the solution of simple problems
of linear elasticity.

Powerful computers enable an in-depth analysis of complex problems in
structural engineering.
State of the art numerical methods, like the finite element
method (FEM), are able to provide approximate solutions for
many civil and mechanical engineering problems.
In contrast to analytical approaches, as they were introduced in the
basic courses on strength of materials, the finite element method is
capable of dealing with complex geometries, complex boundary conditions
as well as complex material properties.
This major advantage of numerical methods is the cause for a
widespread use of finite element software in engineering
In order to be able to assess the quality and accuracy of
finite element solutions, a profound knowledge of its theoretical
background is mandatory.
It is the objective of this course to give a brief introduction to
the displacement formulation of the finite element method and its
application to problems of linear elasticity.
Topics covered include

* the governing equations of the finite element method

* the structure of finite element codes

* continuum elements for three dimensional applications

* simplifications for rotational symmetry and plane stress/plane strain

* stress smoothing/recovery and error estimation

* examples of use

Will be discussed in the first lesson.

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