720220 Psychological report writing

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Psychological report writing
SE 2
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The seminar enables participants to collect and summarize  diagnostic information addressee- and hypothesis-oriented and to compose a writen report in accordance with professional.

Issues of integration and interpretation of psychodiagnostic results and basics of psychological report writing form the focal point of the introductory part of the seminar. The second part leads to the writing of a psychological report in the field of child custody and access right issues. Psychological criteria of decision making in child custody and access right are introduced and discussed. In small group work psychological report writings on the basis of exploration data, behavior observations and test data of concrete cases are worked out.

Introductory lecture with discussion of the basic issues of psychological report writing, seminar teaching on psychological decision criteria in  child custody and access right issues, independent development and presentation of a writen psychological report in small groups.

Short presentation of specific topics in family psychological report writing, written psychological report with test analysis, reporting results, findings and conclusions

Fisseni, H.-J. (1992). Persönlichkeitsbeurteilung. Zu Theorie und Praxis des psychologischen Gutachtens. Göttingen: Hogrefe. Salzgeber, J. (2011). Familienpsychologische Gutachten. München: Beck

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Fri 2016-03-18
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