716745 Regional Geography, course 5

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Regional Geography, course 5
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This is a plan for a ca. 14 day bike tour through the Italian regions of Marken, Abruzzen and Molise.The participants will decide freely on their topics, and will actively lead parts of the excursion.

The main topic is Quality of Life, yet, as the region has been struck by various natural hazards recently, this will be a focus as well. Once agreed on the exact bike route, we will know which places we are going to visit, yet there is Amatrice (destroyed by an earthquake in 2016), there is L'Aquila (struck in 2009), and there are plenty of other places which were hit by landslides, avalanches, wildfires (e.g in the Abruzzi National Park) etc. in the past years. On the other hand, more positive topics will be chosen as well, e.g. quality of life of young people, or we will look at the links between (softer and lesser soft forms of) tourism and quality of life... The choice of topics is yours, however!

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