223073 SL Introduction to Scientific Working

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SL Introduction to Scientific Working
SL 1

Competence in the formal design of scientific work
Knowledge of literature research; Basic Knowledge of working with "citavi"
Knowledge in creating styles using MS-Word

Formal presentation of scientific works; process of scientific research work; dealing with scientific literature and libraries; proper citation; presentation of relevant lexicons, philosophical and theological reference works and journals

The contents are worked out predominantly about the Open Source Learning Management-System "OLAT" (Online Learning and Training) by means of the materials and work instructions deposited there. There are two presence unities: "Introduction to the use of the library of the Faculty" and "EDP-unit" (basic introduction to "citavi" and special features of MS Word)

Written examination

Toolscriptum (accessible via OLAT);
Alber Raffelt, Theologie studieren.
Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten und Medienkunde. Freiburg 2003


Attention: blended learning-lesson!
The presence dates for the tour through the library and the EDP-unit will be fixed at the first meeting