418045 Design of Multi-Media Educational Materials

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Design of Multi-Media Educational Materials
PS 2

Graduates have a repertoire of possible scenarios for media use in school institutions and are able to create media-supported educational materials for use at and outside of schools.

The course provides basic knowledge in the conception and in the design and use of educational materials (worksheet, text and workbook, educational films, interactive exercises, learning platforms, apps, etc.) in the context of multiple media use. In particular, the topics licensing models (eg Creative Commons) and the basic prerequisites for OER (Open Educational Resources) will be brought into focus.

Another focus of the course is the practical implementation of the course contents in the conception and design of own ideas and the publication and further work on various learning content management systems. The Moodle, ILIAS and OLAT platforms are examined in more detail and analyzed according to various criteria of school practicality.

In the course of the course various prototypical projects / concepts will be treated and analyzed in the sense of best practice examples. In particular, the L3T 2.0 project and the concept of SML (Seamless Mobile Learning) play key roles. As part of the laboratory work in the Education Innovation Studio, a look at current school developments in the field of coding and robotics as well as the various placement and presentation technologies is thrown.


Vortrag, Diskussion und Austausch im Plenum. Einige LV-Termine werden in Form des "inverted classroom"/“ flipped classroom“ durchgeführt werden, d.h. Studierende bereiten ein Thema vor dem eigentlichen LV-Termin vor, um im Seminar an Fallbeispielen arbeiten zu können. Laborarbeit im Education Innovation Studio



Behnam Taraghi, Martin Ebner, Sandra Schön (2013). Systeme im Einsatz

WBT, LMS, E-Portfolio-Systeme, PLE und andere.

Ebner, M., & Schön, S. (2012). Die Zukunft von Lern- und Lehrmaterialien: Entwicklungen, Initiativen, Vorhersagen.

Rossegger, B. (2012). Konzept für Open Educational Resources im sekundären Bildungsbereich.

Further literature will be announced in the course.

(see also https://wiki.uibk.ac.at/medienpaedagogik/Lehre)


If you have mobile devices, please bring them to the class.

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Sat 2018-11-17
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Sat 2018-11-24
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