717090 VU Selected Chapters of Botany

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VU Selected Chapters of Botany
VU 1

Introduction to R programming language, and to using R for:

  • modern data handling methods,
  • production of graphics,
  • and to statistics.
  • Essentials of R language
  • Data manipulation with tidyverse
  • Production of graphics with ggplot2
  • Basic statistics (chi2, linear regression, ANOVA)
  • Multivariate statistics (clustering, ordination techniques such as PCA and RDA)

Learning-by-doing: at each step, a demonstration is given, followed by its application by the students on another example. 

Successful participation to the course, and assessment of the production of the student (see Methods).

  • Grolemund & Wickham (2017). R for data science. http://r4ds.had.co.nz/
  • Venables, Smith & the R Core Team (2013). An Introduction to R.
  • R Core Team (2013). The R language definition.
  • Dalgaard (2008). Introductory statistics with R. Springer New York.
  • Borcard, Legendre, & Gillet (2011). Numerical Ecology with R. User R! Springer New York.
  • Legendre & Legendre (2012). Numerical Ecology.
  • Wickham (2009). ggplot2: elegant graphics for data analysis. Use R! Springer New York.

Basic handling of a computer:

  • know what a file is
  • know what a folder is
  • unzip an archive
  • browse the internet
not applicable

Participation at 717090 (VU1) implies also the participation on the seminar 717091 (SE1).

This course is also open to the PhD students of the Faculty of Biology if there is enough space for them.

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Mon 2019-01-21
08.30 - 17.30 rr 21 rr 21 Barrier-free
Tue 2019-01-22
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