717091 SE Selected Chapters of Botany

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SE Selected Chapters of Botany
SE 1
Introduction to R programming language, and to using R for:
  • modern data handling methods,
  • production of graphics,
  • and to statistics.
  • Essentials of R language
  • Data manipulation with tidyverse
  • Production of graphics with ggplot2
  • Basic statistics (chi2, linear regression, ANOVA)
  • Multivariate statistics (clustering, ordination techniques such as PCA and RDA)

Learning-by-doing: at each step, a demonstration is given, followed by its application by the students on another example.

Successful participation to the course, and assessment of the production of the student (see Methods).

  • Grolemund & Wickham (2017). R for data science. http://r4ds.had.co.nz/
  • Venables, Smith & the R Core Team (2013). An Introduction to R.
  • R Core Team (2013). The R language definition.
  • Dalgaard (2008). Introductory statistics with R. Springer New York.
  • Borcard, Legendre, & Gillet (2011). Numerical Ecology with R. User R! Springer New York.
  • Legendre & Legendre (2012). Numerical Ecology.
  • Wickham (2009). ggplot2: elegant graphics for data analysis. Use R! Springer New York.

Basic handling of a computer:

  • know what a file is
  • know what a folder is
  • unzip an archive
  • browse the internet
not applicable

Participation on seminar 717091 (SE1) implies also the participation at 717090 (VU1) .

This course is also open to the PhD students of the Faculty of Biology if there is enough space for them.

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Mon 2019-01-28
08.30 - 17.30 rr 14 rr 14 Barrier-free
Tue 2019-01-29
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