418060 Empirical Research Methods

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Empirical Research Methods
SE 2

With regard to the coming European Parliament Election students know the basics of empirical methods and are able to critically discuss the respective results. They are able to apply the adequate research methods within an own research design in the context of the European Election.

Students learn about the basic application of empirical methods in the context of the European Parliament Election. They will have a look of existing surveys and polls (data collection, data handling, data evaluation). 

For the own empirical design students can choose between the focus on qualitative or quantitative methods.  Thus, they are able to apply the theoretical findings in a basic empirical research work.

The lecture comprises the following parts:

1. Introduction: Decision Making in the European Union System

2. Empirical Research & The European Election in May 2019

3. Data collection, Polls, surveys and illustration of results

4. Illustration of the results and publication options

Blended Learning Principle. On the basis of the indicated literature: written analysis in the context of five mini-assignments, discussions, presentations

Five online mini-assignments and creation of a little survey with focus on the European Election. Students can choose between the focus on qualitative or quantitative methods.








Further basic literature will be provided.

For German speaking students following books are recommended:

Brosius, Hans-Bernd;  Haas, Alexander (2016): Methoden der empirischen Kommunikationsforschung: Eine Einführung (Studienbücher zur Kommunikations- und Medienwissenschaft), 7. Auflage. Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien.

Hug, Theo; Poscheschnik, Gerald (2015): Empirisch forschen, Studieren, aber richtig, 2. Auflage. Konstanz: UVK Verlagsgesellschaft.

Mayring, Philipp (2015): Qualitative Inhaltsanalyse, Grundlagen und Techniken, 12- aktualisierte und überarbeitete Auflage. Weinheim / Basel: Beltz Verlag. 

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