619010 SL Counterpoint

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SL Counterpoint
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An understanding of the basic principles of vocal polyphony of the late 15 th and the 16 th centuries; knowledge of perfect and imperfect consonance, the various cadences, forms of dissonance, suspension, passing and neighbouring notes, anticipation, cambiata, false relation and techniques of imitation. Recognition of contrapuntal characteristics within the context of musical examples of the period (comparative analysis).

Compositions from the above mentioned period – a.o. by Dunstable, Josquin, Victoria, Lasso, Palestrina, Byrd und Taverner, as well as musical examples from theoretical works of the time are analysed with respect to principles of voice leading, use of dissonance, cadential formulae, cambiata, use of false relation, various forms of imitation and other contrapuntal devices. Two part examples – from Thomas Morleys's canzonets of 1595 a.o. - form the basis of simple contrapuntal exercises. Focus of these exercises: setting of a second voice to sections of an incomplete two-part score.

Practical exercises derived from musical examples of the period (two-part) compliment an analytical approach to works of a larger polyphonic texture, with reference both to historic and modern theory.

Written examination 

To be discussed within the framework of the course.