628027 VO Christianity. An Introduction.

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VO Christianity. An Introduction.
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Knowledge of the historical development of Christian traditions in their plurality, particularly in context with their social, political and artistical implications. This should allow for an understanding of the “internal logic” of Christianity and enable students to participate in a possible discourse.

Based on the study of biblical texts the lecture discusses the development of the Early Church in its logical structure. Internal themes include the making of the canon, christology, sacraments, the making of the church, trinitarian theology. External themes include the movement from a Jewish fringe group to a special group under suspicion in the Roman Empire, from a people’s church to a State Church (4th century CE).

Lecture and discussion on basic texts, synoptic tables and art. The participants are encouraged to ask any questions they are interested. This will allow for including the specific (previous) knowledge into the lecture.

Written or oral exam

Introductory literature:

Fischer, Helmut, Schnellkurs Christentum. Köln: DuMont (Schnellkurse, 525) 2005.

Antes, Peter, Machs wie Gott, werde Mensch. Das Christentum. Düsseldorf 1999


Basic information on themes, places, people:

Drehsen, Volker; Häring, Hermann; Kuschel, Karl-Josef; Siemers, Helge (Hg.) (1988): Wörterbuch des Christentums. Unter Mitarbeit von In Zusammenarbeit mit Manfred Baumotte. Gütersloh - Zürich: Gütersloher Verlagshaus Gerd Mohn; Benziger.


Source material (particularly well chosen, in thematic order):

Halbfas, Hubert (Hg.): Das Christentum. Erschlossen und kommentiert. Düsseldorf 2004.


Further material will be offered via OLAT. At the end of term, this material will make up a script including all the subjects of the course.

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Tue 2020-04-28
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