628049 EX Arabic 3 - Language Excursion

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EX Arabic 3 - Language Excursion
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The excursion serves as a personal consolidation of the linguistic competences acquired so far as well as for the study of the tradition of theological education in Moroccan Madrassa.

The excursion will lead to Morocco - Rabat, Sale and Marrakech. The focus of the excursion is a 2-week language course at an institute for Arabic language in Rabat. On the first day of class, the participants will receive orientation guidance, followed by written and oral placement tests. Classes take place from Monday to Friday. In addition, we take a look at the Moroccan Islamic-theological education tradition by visiting and exploring some madrassa and cultural institutions in Sale and Marrakech.

Assessment based on written and / or oral tests of the participants.

Course examination in accordance with § 7 of the Statute, regulations under study law.

Will be discussed during the first meeting.



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06.07.2020 -20.07.2020, Marokko