628103 SE Seminar with Bachelor Thesis

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SE Seminar with Bachelor Thesis
SE 1

Students provide evidence that they are able to apply the theoretical and methodological tools of Islamic Religious Education to a topic in the course of their bachelor thesis.

Presentation of basic criteria for the formal structure, form and content of the bachelor thesis. Limitation of a religious pedagogical topic, formulation of a corresponding research question, elaboration of a theoretical perspective on it and a methodical procedure to answer the research question. Presentation of the selected topics by the students, open plenary discussions and presentation of the work progress. Writing the bachelor thesis on a subject-specific or didactic topic.

Students present their exposés, concepts, first drafts of their bachelor thesis and work progress; coaching by the lecturer; open plenary discussions.

Bachelor thesis

Frank, Andrea / Haacke, Stefanie / Lahm, Swantje 2007: Schlüsselkompetenzen: Schreiben in Studium und Beruf. J.B.Metzler: Stuttgart


Hug, Theo / Poscheschnik, Gerald 2010: Empirisch Forschen. Über die Planung und Umsetzung von Projekten im Studium. Studieren, aber richtig. UTB: Stuttgart


Further literature will be provided in OLAT (depending on the subject of the thesis).

Completed compulsory module 1