641114 VU Classical Literature in Context

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VU Classical Literature in Context
VU 2

Working knowledge of important facts; i.e. concerning the history of Roman religion  and society (slave labour), expert knowledge of some important aspects of Roman ideology.

Roman agricultural handbooks and their influence: real life and textbook knowledge, literature and ideology, starting at the beginnings of Latin prose (Cato) and ending with late antiquity (Palladius).

Lecture with discussion; possibly witz oral translations by the students.

Depends on the number of attendants, the regularity of their attendance and the quality of their contributions. If necessary for a fair evaluation there will ne a written exam at the end of the term.

On a special shelf in the library plus a selection of articles deposited in a folder in Ms. Steixner's bureau. Please note: a considerable part of the bibliography is French, so preparing to the exam without attending the lecture can be problematic.

Dienstag 10:45 - 12:15, Büro von Frau Wenskus, 04S-29