402012 PS Applied Methods of Social Sciences

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PS Applied Methods of Social Sciences
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§ 5 (1) 3. b 2 PS Applied Methods of Social Science

Students acquire the ability to deal with current empirical studies and to apply the first steps of a research process (formulation of a research issue, data collection, method reflection) autonomously in terms of quality and/or quantity or method.

Qualitative and quantitative methods in the Social Sciences are tools that can be used to empirically investigate social-scientific research questions. The selection of a specific method depends on each particular research question. In this seminar, students will learn about qualitative and quantitative Social Science research methods using practical examples and exercises. All stages of the empirical research process in Social Sciences will be covered, i.e. we deal with the development of a research question, the planning and design of the investigation, the operationalization, the implementation of the research project as well as the data analysis. Upon completion of the seminar, the participants will be able to conduct their own small research projects applying research methods.

Interactive style of teaching

groupwork as well as short research report

  • Behnke, J./Gschwend, T./Schindler, D. (2006): Methoden der Politikwissenschaft: Neuere qualitative und quantitative Analyseverfahren. Nomos
  • Diekmann, A. (2007): Empirische Sozialforschung. Grundlagen, Methoden, Anwendungen. Rowohlt (oder andere Auflagen des Buches)
  • Kromrey, H. (2009): Empirische Sozialforschung: Modelle und Methoden der standardisierten Datenerhebung und Datenauswertung. Lucius & Lucius (oder andere Auflagen des Buches)
  • Schnell, R./Hill, P.B./Esser, E. (2008): Methoden der empirischen Sozialforschung. Oldenbourg (oder andere Auflagen des Buches)


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Erster Termin (digital) am 3. Oktober 2020 (10:30-17:30Uhr). Anschließend rein virtuelle Lehre, die Termine werden mit den Studierenden/Arbeitsgruppen individuell vereinbart.
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