402013 PS Applied Methods of Social Sciences

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PS Applied Methods of Social Sciences
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§ 5 (1) 3. b 2 PS Applied Methods of Social Science

Students acquire the ability to deal with current empirical studies and to apply the first steps of a research process (formulation of a research issue, data collection, method reflection) autonomously in terms of quality and/or quantity or method.

Research Design in Political Systems

This course is an introduction to empirical research designs in political science. We will focus on quantitative approaches, but we will also discuss the importance of qualitative evidence. The general goal is to teach students fundamental skills to conduct independent research projects. We will cover how to find and critically evaluate prior studies, how to formulate testable hypotheses, and how to present and discuss empirical results. At the end of the semester, students will present their own research designs.

Quantitative and qualitative

Presentation and Research Paper

King,  Gary,  Robert Keohane,  and Sidney Verba.  1994.Designing  Social  Inquiry:Scientific Inference in Qualitative Research.Princeton University Press.
Kellstedt,  Paul,  and  Guy  Whitten.   2009.The  Fundamentals  of  Political  ScienceResearch.Cambridge University Press.


Prerequisite: Good command of the English language

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