626512 PR Acting as a Teaching Practice IIIa and IIIb

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PR Acting as a Teaching Practice IIIa and IIIb
PR 2

The course is divided into a university part and a school part. The university part is intended as an accompanying event for the school-pedagogical-practical studies, which are completed in equal proportions at the NMS or PTS and AHS or BHS.

The accompanying course and the practical part have the following content-related goals:

• The students are able to reflect lessons and their own professionalization path theory-led.

• The participants are able to recognize concepts for the identification of individual support needs and to reflect them professionally.

• On the basis of individual emphases, students can analyze practical challenges in greater depth and conclude possibilities for action.

• Students are able to combine theoretical knowledge and practice.

• Students are familiar with school-level and school-type-specific options for assessing and evaluating performance.

• Students can answer evidence-based research questions and derive action consequences for their own teaching activities.

• Students have specific knowledge and are able to design different learning environments (eg individual learning support, promoting dynamics in learning communities).

• The participants can prepare, conduct and evaluate lessons on a school-specific basis.


Gathering coherent teaching experience (ie teaching in a temporal and contentual continuity and taking responsibility for longer periods of teaching) with special consideration of the specific conditions of the school forms, including the appropriate preparation and follow-up• Observation of lessons, including the corresponding preparation and follow-up• various pedagogical concepts for dealing with diversity and classroom management• Transfer project• in-depth discussion of special situations• Organizational questions about the design of the internship
Methodologically, the course is based on work in small groups as well as in the plenary on specific development and reflection tasks corresponding to the respective course of the internship, discussions on the systematic processing of experiences, individual and small group coaching.
The examination mode and the performance assessment will be announced in the first course.

successful completion of compulsory modules 2, 3 and 4 

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Fri 2020-10-23
08.15 - 12.00 eLecture - online eLecture - online
Fri 2020-11-13
08.15 - 12.00 eLecture - online eLecture - online
Fri 2020-11-27
08.15 - 12.00 eLecture - online eLecture - online
Fri 2020-12-11
08.15 - 12.00 eLecture - online eLecture - online
Fri 2021-01-08
08.15 - 12.00 eLecture - online eLecture - online
Fri 2021-01-22
08.15 - 12.00 eLecture - online eLecture - online