628208 VO Theology and Science in Islam

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VO Theology and Science in Islam
VO 1

Graduates are capable of describing the genesis of Islamic theology and its contemporary conceptions as well as of making them fruitful for everyday issues. They are able to put classical Islamic practices and theories into a new context and to comprehend them within the concrete and actual everyday life. In addition, they gain the ability to explain methodological as well as practical differences and similarities between theology and practice and to recognize coherences.

Relationship between religious/theological aspects and science with a special focus on the influences and relationships between history in an Islamic context and science. The course pays special attention to the establishment of Islamic-theological centers at universities in German-speaking countries since 2010 and to the concepts of scientificity being discussed in this emergent academic discipline in the European context.

Lecture, discussion

Written examination.

Lutz Berger 2010: Islamische Theologie. Facultas: Vienna 

Rainer Brunner 2011: (Islamische) Theologie an der Universität. Warum eigentlich? In: Mouhanad Khorchide (ed.): Das Verhältnis zwischen Islamwissenschaft und islamischer Theologie: Beiträge der Konferenz Münster, 1. - 2. Juli 2011. Münster: Agenda-Verl. 2012, pp. 100-108 

Jan Felix Engelhardt 2017: Islamische Theologie im deutschen Wissenschaftssystem. Ausdifferenzierung und Selbstkonzeption einer neuen Wissenschaftsdisziplin. Wiesbaden: Springer VS  

Ömer Özsoy 2015: Islamische Theologie als Wissenschaft. Funktionen, Methoden, Argumentationen. In: Mohammed Gharaibeh et al. (eds.): Zwischen Glaube und Wissenschaft. Theologie in Christentum und Islam. Regensburg: Pustet, pp. 56-68






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