628209 SE Islamic doctrines

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SE Islamic doctrines
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Students receive an insight into Islamic doctrines and theology and are able to reflect proficiently upon the above mentioned.

Furthermore, they are capable of describing basic topics of Islamic religious doctrines as a foundation for understanding and communicating Islamic theology. Moreover they are able to reflect upon and analyze statements of faith as well learn to deal with questions of faith with regard to current issues.

In addition, students will acquire special knowledge of theological terminology and their traditional core topics within Islam.

This seminar deals with central themes, the terminology and contents of Islamic theology. It offers an introduction into religious doctrines and spiritually received opinions of theology in the Islamic world and important developments of Islamic theology well into present times. Subsequently several aspects of controversy as well as groups of topics within Islamic theology are discussed further.

Systematic analysis based on historic development and several carefully selected texts.

Seminar in combination with exercises as well as presentations.

Tilman Nagel, Geschichte der Islamischen Theologie: Von Mohammed bis zur Gegenwart, C. B. Beck, 1994.

W. M. Watt, The Formative Period of Islamic Thought, One World, 1998.

Lutz Berger: Islamische Theologie. UTB GmbH. 2010

Karl Jaroš Der Islam: Historische Grundlagen und Glaubenslehre Taschenbuch – 12. 2012

This lecture does not require any previous knowledge and is thus suitable for students of all semesters.

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Sat 2020-10-17
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Sun 2020-10-18
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Sat 2021-01-30
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Sun 2021-01-31
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