310322 UE EU Law Tutorial

summer semester 2021 | Last update: 15.01.2021 Place course on memo list
UE EU Law Tutorial
UE 2
each semester
This course aims at providing an overview of central aspects of EU law and at familiarising students with the structure and the characteristics of this field of law to prepare them for the EU law examination.
The tutorial will cover central aspects of EU institutional law and of EU substantive law, as well as the relationship between EU and national law. Special emphasis will be placed on the fundamental freedoms.
Lecture, case studies, group discussions
Final written exam, regular attendance and active participation

Lehrbuch: Schroeder, Grundkurs Europarecht (4. Auflage, 2015); Textsammlung: Mayr-Singer/Müller/Villotti (Hrsg.), Essentials Europarecht (2012) oder Kodex Europarecht (aktuelle Auflage)

The number of students that can participate in the course is limited! Enrolment: SOWI online enrolment for SOWI students, LFU-online enrolment for students of law, economic law and political science.