325120 VO Civil Law (Obligations law II)

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VO Civil Law (Obligations law II)
VO 2

Mastery of the basic institutes of the Italian Code of Obligations.

Contractual and non-contractual liability. Default. Debtor's pecuniary liability, preferential rights, preservation of pecuniary security. Guarantees and securities.

Frontal teaching in Italian language with examples and discussion of practical cases; discussion.

For students in the 2001 curriculum:
Partial diploma examination in Italian Civil Law including Private International Law (subject examination: written and oral)
For students in the 2018 curriculum:
Partial diploma exam from Italian Civil Law

TORRENTE/SCHLESINGER, Manuale di diritto privato (latest edition/ultima edizione), GIUFFRÈ, Milano.

The use of an updated legal text is required.

Study plan 2001: This lecture is part of the program of the diploma exam in Italian Civil Law including Italian Private International Law
Study plan 2018:
This lecture is part of the program of the Diploma Examination in Italian Civil Law
The entire audit programme includes
Torrente/Schlesinger, Manuale di diritto privato (last edition), GIUFFRÈ,
All chapters except the chapters: I-V; XII; XLVI; LII-LIII; LVI-LXIV
Text collection IPR (study plan 2001)

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