325130 VO Civil Law (contracts law II)

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VO Civil Law (contracts law II)
VO 2
Knowing the different types of contracts in the Italian private law.

Pre-contract and obligation to conclude the contract, subject matter of the contract, legal basis, interpretation of the contract, contractual effects, subsidiary points, sham transaction, invalidity and ineffectiveness of the contract, rescission and cancellation of the contract


ex-cathedra teaching.

Study plan 2001: Partial diploma examination in Italian Civil Law including Private International Law (subject examination: written and oral)

Study plan 2018:
Partial diploma exam from Italian Civil Law

TORRENTE/SCHLESINGER, Manuale di diritto privato (latest edition/ultima edizione), GIUFFRÈ, Milano.

The use of an updated legal text is required.

For students in the 2001 curriculum: this lecture is part of the program of the diploma exam in Italian Civil Law including Italian Private International Law

For students in the 2018 curriculum:
This lecture is part of the program of the Diploma Examination in Italian Civil Law
The entire audit programme includes
Torrente/Schlesinger, Manuale di diritto privato (last edition), GIUFFRÈ,
All chapters except the chapters: I-V; XII; XLVI; LII-LIII; LVI-LXIV
Text collection IPR (study plan 2001)
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