325160 UE Civil Law (Examination exercise)

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UE Civil Law (Examination exercise)
UE 2
each semester

Introduction to the recognized method of case solution for the preparation of the written diploma examination by means of practical examples. In this exercise students learn the legal tools for solving civil law cases. By actively participating in the course, students get used to the concept of question and answer, which is used in the oral part of the diploma examination. The exercise is intended for beginners and does not replace the more intensive exam exercise.

The exercise is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. In each lesson practical cases are solved by the students independently and then discussed. Active participation in the exercise is a prerequisite, as it is seen as preparation for both the written and the oral exam.


Treatment of practical cases and repetition/deepening of the associated theory. The working material is made available on e-campus (OLAT).

An updated civil code is indispensable


Participation in three exams, of which at least two must be positively evaluated. Active participation is also taken into account in the final mark.

Torrente/Schlesinger, Manuale di diritto privato (ultima edizione), GIUFFRÈ, Milan. The use of a recent edition of the Codice civile is essential. Course materials on OLAT.

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