325260 VO Administrative Proceeding Law II

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VO Administrative Proceeding Law II
VO 2
Basics of the system of administrative justice by studying the remedies before the public administration and legal remedies before the ordinary courts, the administrative court and the audit court.
The administrative appeal, the extraordinary appeal to the head of state. The division of jurisdiction between the ordinary courts and the administrative courts. The protection against the public administration before the ordinary courts.
Traditional lessons. Selected cases are treated within the course. Compulsory attendance due to the changes in the administrative codes (2010), which still found no input in any textbook.
Written and oral exams

CLARICH, Manuale di diritto amministrativo (Il Mulino)
GALLO Carlo Emanuele, Manuale di giustizia Amministrativa (Giappichelli) 2018

The consultation and knowledge of the new Code of Administrative Procedure, (d. lgs. 2 July 2010, n.104) is essential.
In addition to the direct study of the regulatory texts, it is recommended to consult the case law cited in the study texts or indicated in the lessons.

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