325515 VU Digitization in civil and commercial law

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VU Digitization in civil and commercial law
VU 2

The digitization of the legal system plays an extraordinary role in civil and commercial law. The phenomenon of digitization is a global one, as many contractual relationships are nowadays concluded and processed digitally. Digitization contributes to global competition between economic and legal areas, so it is of great importance that jurists deal with and learn about this phenomenon.

To provide knowledge of digitalization in Italian civil and commercial law (in comparison to other legal systems, especially German-speaking legal systems) that is relevant to legal practice. An essential component is also a basic understanding of relevant technologies

The course will highlight numerous application scenarios of digitalization, Distributed Ledger Technology, Smart Contracts, Tokens, electronic incorporation of corporations, electronic voting and data protection

Introductory and accompanying reading of provided sources (OLAT). Interactive lecture with Power-Point; discussion of current legal issues with student involvement; student contributions to the discussion are always welcome and will also be taken into account in the assessment (see mode of examination).

Written final exam (answering knowledge and transfer questions) in Italian or German at the student's choice. ATTENTION: The oral contributions of the students during the interactive course are included in the final grade. The oral contributions during the course and the written exam will each count for 50% of the overall grade.