613568 UE Specialised translation: medicine. Spanish-German

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UE Specialised translation: medicine. Spanish-German
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The aim of this course is to produce translations of medical texts of different technical degrees. The translations have to be functional and adequate for this text type. Students will also develop translation strategies by using tools such as dictionaries and other research options. In addition to that students will learn basic terminology and how to obtain informative material.

We will translate medical texts, of different technical degrees, related to a special medical field. The texts will cover specific topics related to medicine (vaccination / post-covid). In doing so we will work on different sub-topics and text types and we will use tools and parallel texts. Developing research skills will also be part of the course.

interactive lessons with text analyses, small projects, self-study, and group work

Grade will be from a) written test / home assignment, b) course participation and course assignments, c) regular and active course participation

Literature references and course materials will be made available in the course.

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Online registration compulsory,

registration period: 01.02.2021-21.02.2021

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