621001 VO Anatomy

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VO Anatomy
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Systematic and functional Anatomy   locomotorsystem :

 Skeletal system:Bones of trunk and the upper and lower limb (without the cranium)

Articular system : joints of the upper and lower limb, vertebral and thoracic joints, joints of the pelvic girdle

Muscular system : muscles of neck and back, thorax, abdomen and upper and lower limb, Tendon sheaths and bursae

Organ System :

Overview morphological and functional aspects in oral presentation and demonstrations   by liveTV

Cardiovascular, respiratory, alimentary ( inc. lever, gall-bladder, pancreas ), urinary and female /  male genital system



oral presentation with scripts and pictures from specially anatomical books

oral exam

Sctipts ( online and for  copies in  secretary ISW )

Books : Taschenatlas der Anatomie Bd. 1, W. Platzer, Thieme, ISBN 9783-3-113-492011-6

Funktionelle Anatomie, Appell.Stangl-Voss, 4.Aufl., Springer 2008, ISBN 978-3-540-74862


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