621029 VU Specific Aspects of Training

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VU Specific Aspects of Training
VU 1
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Understand and create a coaching philosophy. Understand how a coach should act and relate to athletes. Learn to critically analyse performance and training in order to improve performance.

Application of training theory to the the day-to-day training.

Specific aspects of fitness training in alpine sport.

Understand how technique in sport is learned and how to teach it.

Coaching philosophy and coaching behavior.

How to determine the physiological demands of a sport, and then critically analyse performance.

Specific aspects of strength and conditioning - physiological parameters.

What is technique training - how is technique learned? How should technique be taught?




Student presentations 

Participation in discussions

Written exam

Student presentation 

Will be discussed in the first lesson.

Mandatory attendance. Students are allowed to miss 2 lessons.

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