645303 SE Bachelor Thesis Economic and Social History: Infrastructures¿ Nature and Culture

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SE Bachelor Thesis Economic and Social History: Infrastructures¿ Nature and Culture
SE 2

Ability to independently analyze and contextualize a topic from economic and social history according to the rules of the discipline; ability to independently research and evaluate sources and secondary literature relevant to the topic; solid competencies in writing historical essays (formulating, justifying and defending arguments).

For some years now, infrastructures have been of interest not only to experts from the fields of economics and spatial planning, but increasingly also to the historical sciences. Infrastructures enable the transport of vital resources and less necessary consumer goods. However, the integration of societies into such transnational networks has also led to new vulnerabilities, as demonstrated by national action plans to secure critical infrastructure in the areas of health, telecommunications, water, energy and food supply. Moreover, infrastructures have become an important area of public investment in the 20th century and, last but not least, a target of nature and environmental protests. 

In this course, different approaches to the topic of "infrastructure" will be elaborated in order to support the participants in the practical preparation of a BA thesis in Economic and Social History.

The seminar supports and accompanies the Bachelor thesis in terms of work and content: input from the course instructor, joint reading and discussion of scientific essays, written exercises.

Course immanent to the examination: regular attendance, active participation in discussions, composing and discussing a written concept and a Bachelor Thesis.

To be discussed at the outset of the course.

One positively graduated module of choice modules 7 to 12

For students of the curriculum BA History (2009), a reduced workload applies.

Online registration required

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