716708 Excursion Regional Geography: Austria and the Eastern Alps, course wintersemester

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Excursion Regional Geography: Austria and the Eastern Alps, course wintersemester
EX 2

The students acquire knowledge in the recording of snowpack parameters by means of snow profiles, simple stability tests and measurements. Furthermore, the participants gain basic knowledge in terrain assessment in different skiing/touring areas. Avalanches are also discussed and analyzed, if conditions allow.

A second focus is on the ski tourism development and use of ski areas in West Tyrol, so that the participants can also recognize and assess the area of conflict between intensive tourist use and protection against natural hazards.

The course provides an overview of the handling of winter natural hazards and the associated stress potential in intensively used ski regions of West Tyrol and basic methods of snow cover investigation and terrain assessment.

  • one-day excursions starting from Innsbruck with meeting point in the target areas (details will be given at the preliminary meeting) and daily return to Innsbruck
  • snowpack investigations
  • simple stability tests
  • measurement of relevant parameters (temperature, density, ...)
  • introduction to terrain assessment and use of online available documents and tools
  • mapping of avalanche events (depending on the situation)
  • expert discussions

Writing of a course report, which includes the contents recorded in the field.

Details will be given at the preliminary meeting.

Gabl K. und B. Lackinger, 2000. Lawinenhandbuch. Hrsg. v. Land Tirol, Tyrolia Verlag. 

Rudolf-Miklau, F. und S. Sauermoser, 2011. Handbuch technischer Lawinenschutz. Ernst & Sohn Verlag für Architektur und technische Wissenschaften GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin. (Auch als UBI eBook verfügbar.)

Schaer, P. und D. McClung, 2006. The Avalanche Handbook.  Mountaineers Books

There will be no big tours, nevertheless we will move in the free ski area. Therefore are 

  • appropriate skiing skills and
  • equipment suitable for the high mountains


Mandatory meeting on 17.12.2021 10:15 a.m. 

  • Details will be announced