626854 VU Teacher education and professionalisation

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VU Teacher education and professionalisation
VU 2

The students are familiar with the results of recent research, developments und the scientific paradigmatic foundation of education development, professional community, learning research and the education and professionalisation of teachers. They can independently plan, apply and evaluate their specific insights in different school settings with regard to research, while keeping abreast of current literature. They are able to analyse these based on research and can ask critical questions and reflect accordingly. As a result, they are capable of formulating and using concrete case-specific reactions for professional situations, especially questions concerning diversity in schools (gender, inclusion, interculturality and plurality of worldviews). The students reflect upon their experiences in the area of schools as educational institutions with regard to current theoretical concepts concerning the professionalisation of educational praxis. They see themselves as professionally active teachers and members of a professional community of educators. Based on these insights, the students are able to analyse, plan, apply and critically evaluate learning processes in institutionalised learning situations based on current research results. The students know the scientific theoretical, educational policy, political and theoretical basis and innovations within their own education system and the developments concerning questions about education, school and teaching within the classroom.

In the course, current research concerning school and teaching from different disciplines are presented, especially regarding specific methodical approaches and the underlying scientific, theoretical and paradigmatic assumptions from an educational, scientific perspective, are critically analysed with regard to their potential and practical consequences in educational settings.


International comparative perspectives on German as a second language and multilingualism in school and classroom as an element of Teacher Education from Germany and Austria (Inter-DaZ).

Virtual Internationalisation. Cooperatively designed course for collaborative teaching and learning within the framework of the Aurora Alliance.