847208 VU Fundamentals of Lighting Design

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VU Fundamentals of Lighting Design
VU 2
every 2 weeks

The students gain in-depth insights into special perspectives and working techniques of the various topics within the architecture and set individual emphases.

Building with daylight
The daylight that enters our rooms is of high quality and we humans are biologically adapted to it. Daylight is available to us unlimited and free of charge. To discover daylight as an important design parameter of architecture - this is the topic of the seminar.
The construction task, the design of an office building (as a daylight showroom), begins with a location analysis and the definition of the user's requirements. How can the lighting design in the room support the user in his activities? How can the amount of daylight entering the building be optimised? The seminar covers the elaboration of the concept up to the preliminary design. What lighting qualities and daylight atmospheres can we create? This can be experienced and measured in the daylight simulation on a model in the artificial sky. In addition to the daylight concept, an artificial lighting concept will be developed. Accompanying lectures (e.g. lighting technology fundamentals, light and materials, daylight calculations, daylight systems) round off the seminar.
The task will be presented in detail at the first appointment.

Course examination according to § 7, statute section on "study-law regulations".

Will be discussed in the first lesson.