847309 UE Methods in Structure and Design

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UE Methods in Structure and Design
UE 2

Comprehensive design skills, linked to parameterised digital methods, considering the interaction between structure and design, which are analysed both, physical and digital experiments.

wooden Alternatives
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The design and fabrication of spatial structures are always linked to available materials and contemporary fabrication methods. As many materials are only available in the form of sheets, or sticks, this course investigates the potential of these formats design and fabricate spatial configurations. The main focus on all possible forming methods, lies in the connecting and forming techniques. In this course the interrelation between Form, structural behaviour and detailing will be investigated in a playful manner. We are especially seeking for innovative ideas and concepts to the evolving field of timber construction.

We will develop experimental physical and digital models to investigate the correlation between structure and design. These experiments will be used to develop a material system that will be studied in various scales. From simple paper models, or larger prototypes that will be tested in the lab, to a large scale 1:1 structure built by all students together, everything is thinkable. 

The detailed planning will announced on the first Meeting and will be adapted to number of students and constant changing Covid19 rules.

Course examination according to § 7, statute section on "study-law regulations".

Will be discussed in the first lesson.

AD : Material Strategies in digital Fabrication

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Weinand Yves (Birkhäuser) : neue Holztragwerke

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Maleczek et al( in Impact design with all Senses) .: Large Scale Curved Folding Mechanisms