847402 SE Selected Topics in Architecture: Generating Form and the Joy of Mathematics

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SE Selected Topics in Architecture: Generating Form and the Joy of Mathematics
SE 2
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The students gain in-depth insights into special perspectives and working techniques of the various topics within the architecture and set individual emphases.

In the course "Generating Form and the Joy of Mathematics" students will understand the geometry in forms and how they can generate different designs using parameters and the process of parametric thinking. The course has two important parts, physical modeling and prototyping, and modeling the forms in digital environment and simulating the structural behavior. The final output of this class is a large-scale model from one of the group projects and helps students to be involved in the whole process of design to fabrication.

The objective of this seminar course is to give students a knowledge on the geometry essentials to generate forms. Subsequently, they implement their understanding in the physical and digital environment by considering the role of material properties in order to create and build spatial structures. Within the 15 weeks of the course, students will learn from theory to practical issues and at the end they will apply their understandings on a large-scale prototype.

online and face-to-face teaching (according to Covid regulations)

physical modeling and prototyping, modeling forms in the digital environment and simulating their structural behavior

Course examination according to § 7, statute section on "study-law regulations".

Will be discussed in the first meeting.

Essential Mathematics for Computational Design- Fourth Edition

This course will be mainly thaught in English.

First meeting, Tuesday, 05.10.2021, 10.00 - MORE INFORMATION ON OLAT

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