223001 SL Introduction to Scientific Working

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SL Introduction to Scientific Working
SL 1

Competence in the formal design of scientific work
Knowledge of literature research; Basic Knowledge of working with "citavi"
Knowledge in creating styles using MS-Word

Formal presentation of scientific works; process of scientific research work; dealing with scientific literature and libraries; proper citation; presentation of relevant lexicons, philosophical and theological reference works and journals

The content of the course is predominantly developed via the learning platform OLAT (Online Learning and Training) by means of the materials and work assignments deposited there. In 3 attendance units, students will be introduced to the use of the Faculty Library of Theology (library tour) and to the possibilities of word processing MS Word and the knowledge organization program Citavi for the preparation of scientific papers (concrete work on the PC).

So there are only 4 attendance units in total with the preliminary meeting.

Written examination

Toolscriptum (accessible via OLAT);
Alber Raffelt, Theologie studieren.
Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten und Medienkunde. Freiburg 2003.

Dina El Omari / Daniel Roters, Einführung in das wissenschaftliche Arbeiten (Studienreihe Islamische Theologie 6). Freiburg 2019.


Attention: blended learning-lesson!
The course consists of 4 attendance units including the opening session. The dates for the library tour (double unit) and the 2 IT units (MS Word, Citavi) will be arranged in the first session! The main part of the course will be handled via the learning platform OLAT.

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