645200 EX Historical Excursion

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EX Historical Excursion
EX 2
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Acquisition of knowledge on the different forms of historic display and the skills to present historic relations on site and to deconstruct display formats. 

The year 1848 is apparently a "place of remembrance" that has grown cold in Austria. While there is a "Jubilee Network 175 Years of Revolution" in Germany https://revolution-1848.de/ - there is no equivalent in this country. The course asks why this is so, what lines of tradition (don't) exist and works out the significance of some places and people. What were the central events of 1848/49 and why should they be given more importance in a history of Austrian parliamentarism?

In the EX, the former state prison in Kufstein will be visited in a one-day EX during the term, and in the EX lasting several days in September, the newly opened parliament in Vienna and possible places of remembrance of 1848 will be visited. Bratislava, where the revolutionary events in the Hungarian Parliament began, as well as Brünn/Brno with its state prison Spielberg and Kremsier, where the elected Imperial Diet adopted a constitution for the first time in 1849.

Guided tours in the field, presentations of the course instructor as well as of the students.

Participation in discussions, will be announced

Will be announced

Positive assessment of compulsory module 1

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September 2023, ca. 10 Tage, Österreich-Tschechien-Slowakei