800973 SE SOLIDARITY IN TIME Non-Aligned Movement and Contemporary Art

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SE SOLIDARITY IN TIME Non-Aligned Movement and Contemporary Art
SE 2

Students will gain insight into the transnational history of the Non Aligned movement from a specific vantage point of contemporary art production. 

They will learn to critically reflect on the relation between politics and contemporary art.

They will learn about the Cold War cultural-political struggles for „souls and minds“ of the people of the world and Non-Aligned Movement‘s intervention into power politics of the two Blocks. 

They will learn to think the present historically, to face the actuality of past struggles, to understand the non-linearity of historical time and not-nowness of the present time.

The students will get an insight into the corpus of contemporary art production that thematizes theories and practices decoloniality, that questions the Western modernist canon and contemporary practices of unlearning the white cultural-political narratives and values (epistemological decolonization).

The course Solidarity in Time approaches politics as processual and continuous struggle that entangles past, present and future. It deals with the images of Non Alignment in contemporary art and artistic reactualisations of the historical decolonial and alter-global positions and practices vis-a-vis contemporary right wing and white supremacist global political turns. It also discusses the dynamics of inequality and difference in nominally progressive historical gestures.

The course will include deep analysis of the works and conversations with the artists: Katarina Zdjelar, Otolith Group, Milica Tomic, Renzo Martens, Marwa Arsanious, Marta Popivoda, Naeem Mohaiemen and many others.

The methods of the course Solidarity in Time encompass different knowledge forms: reading groups, screenings and discussions, thematic lecturing, collective engagement in conversations with guest artists, discussing exhibition history, deep reading of an image, discussing the relationship between the image and its contextual metadata.

Reading and discussing texts, writing short summaries-comments on the artistic works and accompanying debates, participating in public screenings and discussions of the artworks in the Kunstraum Innsbruck.

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The Course will be held in the week from January 15-19, 2024.


Maria-Theresien-Straße 34/Arkadenhof

6020 Innsbruck. Austria


10:00-13:30 COURSE 

January 18, 2024 (Thursday): 18:00 Public event