720257 VL Special Topics in Basic Research A/B: Psychology of Music

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VL Special Topics in Basic Research A/B: Psychology of Music
VL 2
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Students will get to know how psychology can be applied to music, starting from auditory and music perception, to the broader applications of music, such as musical therapy, especially from a neurospychological point of view. Students will also get to know the most important research methods in the music psychology field. The course is held in English. 

The main contents of the course will be:

- Auditory perception (e.g., anatomy and physiology of the ear)

- Elements of music perception (e.g., timbre, contour, rhythm etc.)

- Music aptitude (e.g., what is it, how to measure it)

- Neuropsychology of music (brain areas linked to music listening and playing)

- Music and emotions (e.g., can music induce emotions?)

- Music as a therapy (e.g., for psychological and neuropsychological disorders)

All these topic will be discussed from a scientific point of view, together with practical examples on how to conduct research on those topics.

Interactive lessons with practical exercises (e.g., group discussions, presentations)

The evalutation will be continous during the course (i.e., exercises and active participation will be evaluated), with a final oral presentationrk

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