INFO Master Programme European Ethnology according to the curriculum 2009 (120 ECTS-Credits, 4 semesters)
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§ 10 Internship (no courses)
(1) In order to test and apply the knowledge and skills acquired or as an orientation on the conditions of professional practice as well as in order to achieve additional qualifications, the students of the Master programme in European Cultural Anthropology have the opportunity of performing subjectrelevant practical work with a scope of 160 hours, i.e. 7.5 ECTS-Credits instead of the elective module. (2) Subject relevant fields of occupation are those where European Cultural Anthropology is applied as a cultural practice (e.g. museums and expositions, archives, documentation offices, libraries, the media, cultural politics and cultural administration, tourism). (3) Before starting the practice, permission of the Director of Studies shall be applied for. (4) A certificate of the institution stating duration, scope and content of the practical work performed shall be submitted to the Director of Studies; besides, an exhaustive report with a list of tasks performed shall be elaborated.

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