Compulsory Module 8: Interreligious Theology and Religious Education (12.5 ECTS-Credits; 9 h)
Prerequisites for registration: none
Learning Outcome: Graduates are able to advance the plurality discourse from an Islamic perspective. They are able to deal with different cultural claims to truth. They are able to independently and criti-cally analyse the historic and current shape, the way of life and the validity claims of se-lected religions in consideration of religious studies. Graduates are able to conceptualise research in the field of interreligious education at school and outside of school. They com-petently deal with models of interreligious education. They are able to include current re-search results in their teaching and learning concepts. Graduates are competent in dealing with differences and in interreligious discourses. They are able to develop exemplary topics from an interreligious perspective.
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VO Interreligious Research-Oriented Religious Pedagogy (VO / 2h / 2 ECTS-AP)
Martina Kraml, Abdullah Takim
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SE Cooperative Didactics of Religion II: Rituals ¿ necessary for deepening faith? (SE / 2h / 3,5 ECTS-AP)
Martina Kraml, Hamideh Mohagheghi
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VO Handling Plurality from an Islamic Perspective and Effects on Interreligiosity (VO / 1h / 2,5 ECTS-AP)
Magdalena Modler-El Abdaoui
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