Complementary Subject Area: Comparative Literary Studies (30 ECTS-Credits)
Prerequisites for registration: Students of the Master's Programme Comparative Literature may not pass the complementary subject area Comparative Literature.
Learning Outcome: Graduates of the complementary subject area Comparative Literature - have well-founded and specialised insights into the following scientific fields of work: a) international literary phenomena (i.a. within the scope of the ¿world literature¿ concept); b) text, literary and cultural theory as well as c) intermediality (literature/film, literature/photography, literature/visual arts, literature/music, literature/dance, literature/architecture, literature/new media). - are able to independently and critically analyse and interpret literary and other artistic works or phenomena resp. as well as their reception. - have the competence to reflect on their own cultural location and promote an understanding for other cultures as well as gender-specific differences. - are able to work in an interdisciplinary way and - know about the possibilities of practice-oriented application of their competences in the fields of literary and cultural businesses (bookshops, publishing and editorial, journalism, exhibitions, museum pedagogy as well as culture and project management; theatre, repertory cinemas).
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