Compulsory Module 11: Atmospheric Dynamics and Weather Forecasting 2 (15 ECTS-Credits; 9 h.)
Prerequisites for registration: none
Learning Outcome: The students know which processes on different spatial scales have a dominant influence on atmospheric currents. They understand the different modelling approaches for this and can explain the examples discussed. They are able to explain the predictability of the state of the atmosphere. The students understand the processes that drive the exchange of energy, mass and momentum between the earth's surface and the atmosphere within the planetary boundary layer. They know the different states of the planetary boundary layer and the role that different surface types and flow conditions play in it. They have a basic understanding of theoretical approaches and parameterisations. They can interpret measurements of the boundary layer. Students understand the processes that drive weather systems on the meso and convection scales. They can analyse current and past weather situations in these scales with the help of data from various measurement platforms and create forecasts.
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