622016 Historical Survey of Gender Relations: The concept of "home" and gender role models - A historical overview

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Historical Survey of Gender Relations: The concept of "home" and gender role models - A historical overview
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Developping skills of reflection on one’s own point of view, consolidation of theories concerning women- and gender studies; analysis and critical examination of mutual interdependence between the concept “home” and gender role models; recognition of the fact that these concepts are socially and culturally constructed; increasing one’s difference and diversity sensitive competences.

Originally the term “home” was used as a plain legal and geographical concept. Since the 19th century “home” has developed to become a highly emotionally charged cultural and social concept. The various ideas associated with “home” are generally linked with certain ideas of gender. Assuming a gender based perspective relevant sources and texts will be analysed and critically discussed in this seminar. We will be covering a wide range of topics starting from the so called “Heimatschutzbewegung” of the late 19th century, to the Inter-War-Years, the home cult idolized by the Nazis and the romanticization of this term in movies especially in the 1950s and 60s. Finally we will debate how the concept “home” is displayed in local history museums as well as how it is used in situations concerning migration and integration.

Key aspect: We will visit the exhibition “‘Ich bin daheim‘. Die Künstlerin A.J. Jehle” in the women’s museum at Hittisau and discuss the works of the artist dealing with questions of identity, gender role models and justice


Variety of theoretical and contents based input on the one hand and interactive but also self-reflexive modules on the other. Work with selected sources and texts, teamwork, presentations, consolidation of topics in discussions.

Active participation in class, performance of various tasks in individual and group settings, presentation.


A reading list will be provided at the beginning of the course.

Online-enrollment required, starting 27.01.2014 !

On April 11 2014, the course takes place in the Women's Museum Hittisau!

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