800916 Strategic concepts in scientific and industrial reporting

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Strategic concepts in scientific and industrial reporting
SE 2

To achieve visibility in the technical/scientific community and successful transfer of findings into future research and development activities, a presentation of results and conclusions has to consider expectations and demands of the audience. Objective of the course is the achievement of basic knowledge about structured and targeted presentations. This includes presentations, technical reports and scientific manuscripts.

Presentations and publications represent an essential part of reporting in science. In any case the presentation of relevant information has to be achieved in an environment which defines limits, e.g. duration, length, complexity.


It is essential to understand requirements and expectations, which are defined by the audience, to target the own presentation precisely. This is a fundamental requirement to attract interest for the new findings and to achieve impact.


A general guideline for presentation of scientific results is imparted. Differences between scientific reports, industrial reports, lectures, posters and scientific manuscripts will be discussed.



Following a short introduction to analyse the expectations of the audience and the strategy of a presentation, the participants will elaborate drafts for own presentations. Expected impact, content and methodology applied will be discussed.

Presentations will cover:

            Short introduction of the own person (2 min)

            Short presentation of own research results for a newspaper

            Research report for industrial R&D staff

            Report for decision makers / management

            Poster presentation

            Manuscript for technical journal

            Manuscript for scientific journal


Active participation during the course, presentations and manuscripts in written form, short oral presentations.

Will be announced

Planned dates:



1. Introduction – Structure

2. Why I am here – Evaluation     

3. Target groups, Evaluation des Institutes / or Green Denim (which information is transported)

4. Lectures of CV 2 - 3 min


5. Presentation of a work to public, Newspaper, Industrial report, Small general presentation (Public)

6. Exercise



Introduction, Presentation participants 1 + discussion – Newspaper, Audience, ask questions

7. Posterpresentation – general aspects, Presentation participants 2 + discussion – Decision makers, Audience ask questions

8. Poster presentation – formal aspects, Presentation participants 3 + discussion – Public, Audience ask questions

9. General presentation Lecture– aspects - Book

10. Presentation Lecturer – Details/FormalsExercise:  Poster presentation + 5 min Short summaryExercise: 15 min Lecture + 5 min discussion



Poster discussion + 5 min lecture, Explain + presentation, Lectures + 5 min discussion, Explain + presentation: 

11. General aspects – Writing – technical / scientific / book chapter / book editing, How to find the journal, Letter to the editor, Structure of journal / manuscript, Differences scientific work / review / book chapter

Exercise: Journal type: give examples of titles, your title

Everybody: 1 page R&D section, abstract, conclusions, 1 page technical/general paper



Presentation of papers, discussion of formulations

Rest of lectures, Examples for lectures, Photos, Closing, Ethics in publishing examples


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Fri 2014-04-11
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Fri 2014-05-09
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