613109 UE Conference Interpreting English-German

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UE Conference Interpreting English-German
UE 2
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This course is designed to give students the opportunity to try out consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. Alongside practical exercises designed to familiarise participants with these disciplines, we will also look at what it is like to work as an interpreter. The main aim of this course is to help students decide whether or not they wish to take the Master in Conference Interpreting.

Using a range of exercises, students will be taught the basic techniques of consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. The vast majority of speeches will be interpreted from the students' B language (English) into German.

Following a short theoretical introduction to interpreting and the challenges it brings, students will carry out a range of exercises designed to train the individual skills that are necessary for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. Later in the semester we will interpret short, simple speeches (both live and via video) from English into German. As well as interpreting itself (technique, décalage, etc.), students will learn how to train their memory and take notes (for consecutive interpreting) and how to work the technology in an interpreting booth (for simultaneous interpreting).

The final grade will be made up of two individual grades: one grade for consecutive interpreting and one grade for simultaneous interpreting.

Literature will be communicated via OLAT as and when necessary.

Successful completion of compulsory module 15

This group is only for students whose first foreign language is English. Therefore, only students with English as their first foreign language will be admitted to this group.

Students must not miss more than two classes per term.

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