613301 UE Conference Interpreting Italian-German

winter semester 2023/2024 | Last update: 17.05.2023 Place course on memo list
UE Conference Interpreting Italian-German
UE 2
each semester

In this course students will gain their first experience in conference interpreting, consecutive and simultaneous.

Students will be introduced to the techniques of conference interpreting. With the help of special exercises, students will learn to translate brief speeches from Italian into German.

Introductory exercises and interpretation of easy live-speeches or videos. Students will learn to work in the interpreter booth with a microphone and to speak with the right intonation.

Mid-term exam (consecutive), final exam (simultaneous)

Will be discussed in the first lesson.

Compulsory module 15 (Translation 2 into German, Translation 2 into Italian, Stegreif)

Before completing the entrance and orientation phase of studies (StEOP) students may not acquire more than 22 ECTS points overall.

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