Minor: Religion - History - Christianity (30 ECTS-Credits)
Prerequisites for registration: (1) The Minor Religion - History - Christianity covering 30 ECTS-Credits may be selected by students of bachelor's programmes offered at the University of Innsbruck if the corresponding curriculum provides the opportunity to pass a minor. (2) The individual modules and courses of the minor can be passed, providing the availability of places. (3) Each course is either allocated to the study programme or the minor. Double allocation is not permissible. Students of the Bachelor's Programme in Catholic Religious Education, the Bachelor's Secondary School Teacher Training in the subject of Catholic Religion and the Bachelor's Programme in Philosophy at the Faculty for Catholic Theology may not pass the Minor Religion - History - Christianity in any case.
Learning Outcome: The graduates of the Minor Religion - History - Christianity have acquired advanced knowledge in the field of religious studies and in particular of Christianity with its historical, textual and ritual foundations. They are able to analyse the role of Christianity as an important culture-forming factor in human history, have thereby broadened their perspective on the complex phenomenon of human culture and are able to explain the connections between religion and culture in a factual manner appropriate to the respective situation.
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