800706 Education for Sustainable Development "inter- and transdisciplinary Climate Change Communication"

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Education for Sustainable Development "inter- and transdisciplinary Climate Change Communication"
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In this interdisciplinary course, students with diverse scientific backgrounds (technical as well as social-scientific) will be introduced to the basics of education for sustainable development (ESD). The participants will get to know ESD measures and projects on a local and a global level (with a special focus on the research-education-cooperation k.i.d.Z.21-Austria). Theories of science communication in general and climate change communication (CCC) in particular will be discussed. Aim of the course is to gain individual competences in the field of ESD and CCC as well as its practical implementation within the frame of a research stay at the University Centre in Obergurgl. The training of the students as active climate change communicators, based on the respective subjects and specializations of the students, is focus of the course. Further aim of the course is to involve participants into the project k.i.d.Z.21-Austria with their individual scientific expertise. First concept ideas are developed and documented in a written report.

Basic contents of education for sustainable development (ESD), measures and research projects in the area of ESD, science communication, theories/contents/methods of climate change communication, basic knowledge on climate change and climate change impacts

After having been introduced to the theoretical basics of the course, students will get the opportunity to implement theses during a research stay at the University Centre in Obergurgl (mid of July). The students adapt project concepts based on their individual scientific background and develop specific competences in the field of science communication. Target group in this specific case are young people (around 14 years old).


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Moser, Susanne C. (2010): Communicating climate change: history, challenges, process and future directions. In: WIREs Clim Change (1), S. 31–53.

A fee has to be paid for board and lodging at the University Centre by the students. 

Vorbereitungsseminar/first seminar : 11.06.2016 08:30-12:30 Uhr , SR 60635
Nachbereitungsseminar/second seminar 07.10.2016 08:30-12:30 Uhr, SR 60635
Praktischer Kurs/practical course 12.-14-07.2016 ganztags/full-day , Universitätszentrum Obergurgl /University Center Obergurgl
Vorbesprechung im April wird noch bekannt gegeben. / A date for a preliminary discussion of the course in april will be announced later, wird bekannt gegeben / will be announced