800608 Culture and Economics

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Culture and Economics
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Students will be able to adopt a position concerning Europe 's difficult present and future, and will be able to defend their opinions during conversations with renowned experts from the scientific, business, political and cultural sector. They will be able to reflect on Europe's cultural and economic potential from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Europe 's present is full of contradictions. For many people, looking from outside, it is a place of longing and refuge, where better living conditions can be expected. Europe is thought to be a continent that promises peace and social security. However, for more and more people in Europe existential insecurities are mounting the fear of unemployment or poverty in old age is ever increasing among certain societal groups. While crisis symptoms mount in the eyes of Europeans, others continue to see Europe as an economic and cultural great power. In which Europe do we then live? How can Europe 's cultural and economic potential be evaluated? What can Europe contribute for the global future now and in the future?

At the conference of the European Forum Alpbach renowned experts from the scientific, business, political and cultural sector will examine these questions together with students from the University of Innsbruck.

Table talks, active participation, obligatory attendance (incl. preparatory meeting)

18.11.: preparatory meeting, 03:00 pm (see below)

18.11.:table talks with speakers and participants of the conference, from 05:30-08:00 pm,
20.11.: panel discussion "Zukunftsbilder" from 11.15 am

Attendance optional: entire conference of the European Forum Alpbach:
18.11.2015 > 04:00 pm to 08:00 pm, 19.11.2015 > 9:30 am-06:00 > 20.11.2015 > 9:00 am -12:30 am

Active participation, 100% attendance

Study of national and international media outlets concerning European topics

The conference will take place in the Kaiser-Leopold-Saal, School of Catholic Theology of the University of Innsbruck, Karl-Rahner-Platz 3. The venue of the table talks is still to be announced.

NB: the conference Europe 's cultural and economic potential will be conducted cooperatively by the European Forum Alpbach and the University of Innsbruck.

The current programme can be accessed via www.alpbach.org  The table talks which will take place during the conference, are conceptualised and moderated by Mag. Monika Kalcsics  space and place kulturelle Raumgestaltung. For more information concerning table talks please visit:


Podiumsdiskussion "Zukunftsbilder": 20.11.2015,11:15 bis 12:30 Uhr, Kaiser-Leopold-Saal, Theologische Fakultät der Universität Innsbruck, Karl-Rahner-Platz 3, statt.
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Wed 2015-11-18
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